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Strategy that works.

When you can’t afford waiting years for the first visitors to show up by writing a blog or doing social media experiments, Pay-per-click strategy is your rocket launcher.

Even tomorrow You can secure your positions on Search engines directly above your top competitors’ websites.

It is easier to boost your traffic numbers, test your product/service launch or built a foundation for your business growth then ever before.
It only depends on the goals, budget and experience level of your campaigns manager.

Depending on your needs whether it’s enter new markets or increase the exposure of your business we can help you to reach both and much beyond that.

Boomerang effect.

Your business do not need the manager who only helps to spend your budget dedicated on
pay-per-click campaigns. Nearly everyone can offer such service.

What you are looking for is the boomerang effect which helps you to return your Adword expenses in terms of your business revenue.

In other words, almost every client wants to maximize his profit the same as Google does after throwing that boomerang (or your Adword budget) into action.
Throwing too heavy boomerang might lead it to land on the Google side only without any chance to return your investment but on the other hand, throwing too tiny of it might not help to achieve your business goals.

Our job is to stand somewhere in between of both sides, my customers and Google, calibrating that boomerang your business is ready to launch.

How can we help you?

We can help to setup, maintain and optimize your Adwords account and campaigns. Below is more detailed list of areas we can help you in:

  • professional account management
  • keyword research and optimization
  • landing page creation and testing
  • creation and expansion of ads
  • pruning of low performance keywords and ads
  • structured campaign management
  • optimization and expansion of ad groups
  • budget management
  • ad & conversion tracking
  • improvement of Quality Score
  • and much more.

Business friendly pricing

We do anything is necessary to run your Adwords campaigns profitably. That includes consistent researching about your competition background, regular daily updates in your campaigns and other work related to your account.

You get about 20 hours per month of active management related to your Adwords account. In comparison you can expect only up to 5 hours of work with other managers.

To help you to choose best working plan for your business we are offering the simplest pricing with 3 plans only:

Your monthly budgetMonthly fee
up to $300015%
above $300010%
above $100008%

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