Easy Trick To Convert More Users In Trial

Many of you consider conversion rate optimization as a tough process requiring a big team, lots of time investing into the process and money as well. Actually you are right, to do a conversion rate optimization requires some efforts but not such big as you might thought at the beginning.

Sometimes you can make tiny changes with a huge impact on your results only investing hour or two and a help from your developer.

I am really passionate about SaaS companies and optimizing their online presence. Of course, it’s a huge pleasure to optimize any other online store or website about Yoga but the SaaS industry is what makes me go mad.

That’s why the tip I am going to tell you is really simple that you can implement it right away to increase your conversions and is balanced for companies offering free trials via their websites.

Ok, so before stepping into the advice itself, I would like to highlight what you shouldn’t do trying to increase the conversion rate of your trial users. Do not complicate the sign up form!

Any sign up form is the first step for your visitors to become your potential customers and by asking too much information at first you might turn away your future customers. By checking your Exit pages statistics you should gain a better understanding about the quality of your current sign up forms and how they perform in your sales funnel.
Of course there’s many articles covering the best practices for optimizing your sign up form and I am going to write one myself in the coming articles but this time I need you to stay focus on the main trick.

Does your company offer a paid version of the service? How many steps the user needs to complete to upgrade his free subscription?

That’s right! Simply offer an Upgrade option in the home page of the application. Here is a great example with that little green Upgrade button on the homepage of the application.


Everyone else trying to hide this option in the menu section or elsewhere simply eliminates the chance to increase the revenue stream of their own.