5 Avoidable Adwords Mistakes Most Marketers Make


It is not a secret that Google Adwords can help your business to boost the targeted traffic to your website at a competitive cost but it can also be an enormous waste of money.

There are lots of pitfalls you might get into but the good news is you can fix them all to get the highest return on your investment.

In this article I will try to cover 5 the most common culprits that might separate you from getting more paying customers by running your Adwords campaigns. Let’s get started!

#1 Ignoring conversion tracking

It is difficult to believe but it’s true – some of you might run Adwords campaigns without tracking conversions. Sadly, but it is the straightest road to waste your Adwords budget. Why?

Because you can’t eliminate unprofitable keywords which don’t bring you paying customers. Moreover, you can’t support the good keywords which perform well because you simply do not track your conversions at all.

To see clicks and impressions statistics is alright but your online business needs purchases, sign ups or any other actions that you count as conversion.

Now go and check if you properly set up your conversion tracking in your Adwords account and if you need any help simply drop me a line.

#2 Not using Google Analytics

Google Analytics can tell almost anything about the visitor’s journey on your website after he enters it. For example which Adwords campaign led him to your website, how long does he spend on the landing page, did he purchase anything on your website and many more.

According to this information collected you can easily make any changes in your website’s design and track updated results. To have the full view of how your Adwords campaigns are performing, it is not enough to see the general conversion number. It is very useful to see what visitors brought by Adwords are doing on your website too.

I strongly recommend your business to include Google Analytics tracking into your Adwords campaigns because it cost you nothing except 5 minutes of set up.

#3 Focusing on clicks instead of conversions

Sometimes you get an offer from other Adwords managers to deliver you cheaper clicks which should lower your expenses and save your budget. Actually, it depends, because in some scenarios slightly expensive clicks convert much better. Don’t get trapped into “cheaper is better” strategy. Stay focus on the things which matter the most – conversion is your final destination not the click.

#4 Sending traffic to your homepage

No kidding! Are you making this mistake too?
Of course it takes less work to use the same destination URL as your homepage and don’t panic about creating individual landing pages for your Adwords ads. But what about conversion rate?

It suffers for sure because homepages are made for general visitors who are looking to know as much as possible about your business and its services. But visitors coming from Adwords campaigns have concrete intention to get exactly information about they need like “red winter shoes” or only “blue flowers”.

Your focus should be creating a dedicated landing page with only information related to the keyword and nothing more eliminating everything else from the scope of your visitors.

#5 Using too many keywords does not mean getting bigger ROI

Using too widely approach by adding too any keywords in your Adwords account may costs you a fortune. 80% of your conversions are made by just 20% of your keywords.

To get the most out of your Adwords you can stop adding new keywords right now. It is better to identify the best performers in your account and support the more by creating new landing pages for them. You can also try to improve the Quality Score or test new Ad copies for your top performing keywords too.

To sum things up

These 5 areas I have touched in this article are the basics to re-think how your Adwords account’s structure is built and what features it uses.

My kindly suggestion would be not to hurry things up. If you can eliminate these mistakes others are doing then great results are going to show up and your Adwords campaigns will start to pay-off nicely.

Have questions or need any help? Get in touch with me now!