3 Super Tools To Search On Your Competitors


Ok, so here’s the plain truth – any piece of data about the visitors on your website is crucial before starting out to optimize your conversion rates. But what tools should you use to collect that data and properly track your visitors? Easy question.

The best place to start looking is your competitor web properties. The competition background in any industry is like the real Hunger Games and only the smartest takes everything. Ignoring to do a competitive analysis might cost you a fortune and vice versa, it can help you to figure out how well your competitors are prepared, what tools they are using and even adapt your whole marketing strategy accordingly to overcome them unexpectedly.

I am going to offer you 3 super easy and FREE tools which will help to achieve above mentioned goals. Let’s do it!

#1 Ghostery.com


It does all the dirty work for you in a blink of an eye. Instead of scanning all the source code of your competitor’s website by yourself searching for tracking tags and pixels, you can simply install an extension of Ghostery on the browser you would prefer like Firefox or Chrome. This small buddy will do all the rest after landing yourself on any web page.

Here’s what I was able to extract in this demo. I selected one of my favorite SaaS companies and enter their homepage. Here’s the list of tools and ad networks they are cooperating with:

Ghostery found 12 trackers

AdRoll – Advertising, Behavior Tracking

AppNexus – Advertising

Crazy Egg – Analytics

DoubleClick – Advertising

Google AdWords Conversion – Advertising

Google Analytics – Analytics, Analytics

KissInsights – Analytics, Polls

KissMetrics – Analytics, A/B Testing, Analytics, Cookie Respawning

Optimizely – Beacons, A/B Testing, Site Optimization

Pardot – Beacons, Lead Management

Twitter Advertising – Advertising, Social=

Typekit by Adobe – Widgets, Font System

You do not need to be a genius to identify which tools are used for visitors tracking, site optimization or even ad networks on which your competitors are making the most of money. One of my favorites tool completely.

#2 Alexa


Another great tool to revise your competitor’s website health. You can review general analytical data about any website online by using this superb analyzer. Simply input the URL of the website and check the answers to common questions like: how well particularly website ranks in relation to global websites, how many sites are linking in, how does the audience of the website looks like and a lot more.

#3 Builtwith.com

And for the desert – the last but not the least. Have you ever wondered how to find particular websites that are using specific technology like Magento or WordPress? Or even extracting a complete list of websites using your main competitor’s widget or plugin? It means nothing to do that with Builtwith.com.

Somehow, Builtwith.com is similar to Ghostery but in some cases it can be even more powerful.

The Aftermath

A combination of these tools is really powerful. Beside the clearly answers to standard questions like “how do your competitors emphasis their value proposition?” or “what pricing strategy they are using?” and “where are their call-to-action button displayed?” competitive analysis might help you to gain really broader picture of how really your competitors operate and how your website stacks against them. Before starting to make intelligent decisions with your own website optimization you can

Naturally, there are lots of other superb tools for spying your competitors. They might be used for different reasons like SEO or Social background analysis. If you have specific questions about how get the most out of competitive analysis just shoot me an email at hi at reach2convert dot com.

And what tools you were using before?